Our Commitment

UPAC will support only candidates who believe in, and pledge to support with votes, our vision for a better New York.

Central To Our Vision

  • Reducing State and Local Spending, which continues to outpace inflation. Unshackle Upstate was instrumental in pressuring state leaders to adopt both a property tax cap and state spending cap, but much work is needed to actually reduce state spending, not merely manage its growth.
  • Reducing Taxes, Fees and Assessments, all of which combine to make New York's income taxes the second highest in the nation, its annual property tax burden the highest in the nation, and its average local sales tax rate the 7th highest in the nation.
  • Reducing Mandates, the labyrinth of laws and regulations that make New York notoriously unfriendly to job creation and saddle local governments with expensive unfunded requirements that ultimately increase spending and raise taxes. State legislators must stop forcing mandates on the hard working men and women of this state.
  • Reducing State Borrowing, which continues to escalate. New York’s outstanding debt obligations stand at over $63 billion, equaling $3,253 per resident, more than twice the national average.