Welcome to the official site of UPAC —

the political action committee for Unshackle Upstate. UPAC is a completely nonpartisan vehicle through which you change the way Albany does business. We're committed to making New York more accountable to taxpayers, more business friendly and fiscally stable.

To that end, UPAC is dedicated to supporting candidates, challengers and incumbents, who support those goals. Over the past few years, it has become crystal clear that there are dozens of Senators and Assembly Members who aren't acting in the best interests of their constituents.

The bottom line is that while labor unions have become powerful political juggernauts, New York's taxpayers and employers have failed to organize, energize and mobilize. Now more than ever, UPAC is determined to unify and amplify the voices of those who feel that they are not being heard by their statewide elected officials.

Signs of the Times

The November elections are critical to the future of our state – unless we send a strong message to Albany, the status quo will continue to mean more taxes and massive deficits. It's time that we fight back. It's time to take back New York State government and make it work for us…the taxpayers.

If you share our vision for a better New York, join today. By financially supporting our mission to remove tax and spend politicians, you will help us take back our government and make New York a place in which we're proud to live and work.